The Little Black Dress of Activewear ™
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Style Firm was created by Marissa Mills and Lisa Present, who own another successful business called Style Firm, LLC - a global event and fashion show production agency based in Beverly Hills, California.



Inspiration, Part One:  As stylists and fashion show producers, Marissa and Lisa noticed, over time, that the celebrities and models with whom they worked closely together were beyond impassioned, perhaps even addicted, to their compression garments to smooth lumps and bumps, (YES, even celebs and models have them!)... they became an essential part of the stylists’ behind-the-scenes bag of tricks.

Inspiration, Part Two:  To keep up with the physical demands of executing large-scale events and designer runway shows, Marissa and Lisa hit the gym on a regular basis. Having a keen eye for style, the ladies noticed that no matter how fit and fabulous the woman, her workout attire didn’t necessarily do her body justice.

Marrying this observation with their experiences in the styling arena, Style Firm Los Angeles was born.

Marissa and Lisa wanted to create a fitness line for the Everywoman. The original objective was to create a pant that was stylish, that felt good, and that looked good on the body, on every body. The design also had to be street-wearable taking you from barre class to brunch!

The ladies were determined to create “a magic pant”, as nicknamed by our head designer - a pant that would slim the thighs, lift the butt, and flatten the tummy, while still being comfortable, true performance wear. They worked with a team of designers and experts to fuse the perfect fabrication with the perfect cut. One pair of pants grew into a capsule collection of five pieces: a bootleg pant, a capri legging, a running tight, and two jackets --- The Little Black Dress of Activewear™

Marissa and Lisa wracked their brains to coin a name for their line of active wear - they had to look no further than the sign on their office door: STYLE FIRM. The name of their event production company served as perfect inspiration for their objective: to create a workout wardrobe that was stylish and flattering.

And thus began Style Firm Los Angeles.